Nintendo Switch Online - N64
Image: Nintendo Life

Companies are always adding support for various wireless devices and controllers, and this time it's Apple's turn. The latest update for iOS 16.1 has added support for the Nintendo Switch Online classic controllers.

Based on tests so far, it seems the SNES and N64 wireless controllers work. It's not been confirmed just yet if the same applies to the NES and Sega Genesis / Mega Drive wireless controllers. Here's a demo of this new feature for iOS 16.1, courtesy of developer Steven Troughton-Smith on Twitter:

These wireless controllers are supported on iOS, iPadOS 16.1, macOS 13, and tvOS 16.1. This isn't the first time we've seen a company add support for Nintendo's classic and current controllers. Valve's Steam client beta recently added support for Joy-Con. It's also previously added support for the Switch Pro Controller and classic controllers.

Of course, to make use of this feature you'll obviously need one of the above Apple devices and at least one of Nintendo's wireless classic controllers. Unfortunately, the N64 ones tend to sell out rather quickly whenever they are made available.

What do you think of this iOS update? Would you like to see more companies add support for Nintendo's wireless controllers? Comment below.

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