Nintendo 64 Controller
Image: Nintendo Life

One of the best ways to enhance the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service is to pick up some of Nintendo's retro controllers. Earlier today, it seems there was another surprise restock of Nintendo 64 controllers in the US for Switch Online members.

Unfortunately, they were sold out in record time once again. Thankfully, there were at least some users who were able to secure one based on the replies in the Nintendo Switch subreddit:

Alongside the N64 controller restock, three-button Sega Genesis controllers have also been made available on the US store. Like with the other controllers, you'll need to be a Switch Online member to purchase them. The NES and SNES controllers are also in stock at the time of writing.

Even though it's sold out in the US, it's still worth taking a look on your own end (depending on your region), as stock availability differs across locations. Canada's My Nintendo also mentions how the N64 controller is currently "sold out". For these locations, Nintendo's site asks customers to "please check back soon" - so look out for a restock!

Nintendo 64 Controller
Image: Nintendo

These NSO Nintendo 64 controllers come with built-in rumble functionality, have a rechargeable battery (with an included USB A-C cable) and are wireless. Nintendo recently announced a new batch of games coming to the N64 Switch Online service, including Rare's iconic FPS GoldenEye 007.

Have you been able to secure an NSO N64 controller yet? Tell us down below.