RPGolf Legends
Image: KEMCO

With the Tokyo Games Show 2022 bound to bring us news galore from the JRPG genre, KEMCO's latest sale (who would have thought they'd do another one?) is here to ensure that your Nintendo consoles are sufficiently stocked to the very brim in that genre department as we head into Fall — especially after all the games announced during this week's Direct Showcase.

It is true that KEMCO can be a bit of a machine for churning out games of this type, and we would be hesitant to suggest that the majority of them develop the genre to any real extent; however, a sale like this is nonetheless a good chance to pad out your collection if you find yourself somewhat drawn to the company's style.

As with all sales, these deals are not going to be about forever, with this one running concurrently with TGS (so 15th to 18th September).

The titles range across Switch and 3DS releases. It is worth remembering that as of 29th August, you are no longer able to add funds to your 3DS eShop accounts as the service prepares for closure on 27th March, 2023. Fortunately, you can still add funds via linked Nintendo accounts, so it's not too late to redeem some of these titles on your 3DS system.

Check out the list below for all the titles that are currently hitting the price drop and, most importantly, how much money you are saving on them — come on, who doesn't love a bargain! The following prices are listed in GBP, but the discounts apply across European, North American, and Australian eShops.

Game Console Sale Price RRP
Alphadia 3DS £4.49 £8.99
Antiquia Lost Switch £5.84 £11.69
Armed Emeth Switch £8.09 £13.49
Asdivine Cross Switch £8.09 £13.49
Bonds of the Skies Switch £5.84 £11.69
Chroma Quaternion Switch £8.09 £13.49
Dragon Sinker 3DS £4.49 £8.99
Fernz Gate Switch £5.84 £11.69
Frane: Dragons' Odyssey Switch £5.84 £11.69
Infinite Links Switch £10.11 £13.49
Legend of the Tetrarchs Switch £6.74 £13.49
Liege Dragon Switch £8.09 £13.49
Monochrome Order Switch £6.74 £13.49
RPGolf Legends Switch £17.54 £26.99
Symphony of Eternity 3DS £3.59 £7.19

With these deals only available for a short time and, heck, the 3DS eShop not hanging around for long after that, what are you going to snap up first?

If these deals have got you in the mood for more 3DS content, then why not check out our list of the very best 3DS titles that a download must before the eShop closes for good.

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