The Nintendo Switch Sports update wasn't the only golf-related news shared during the latest Direct. In Japan's broadcast, Easy Come Easy Golf was announced for Switch.

This isn't just any old golf game, it's actually from Clap Hanz - the developer behind the PlayStation series, Everybody's Golf / Hot Shots Golf.

While there was no mention of it in the local broadcast, the game has also been released and it's available here in the west for $19.99 / £17.59 on the Switch eShop. It was previously released on the Apple Arcade service in 2021 as Clap Hanz Golf.

Here's a bit more about it from Nintendo's website:

Beloved golf-game developer Clap Hanz' latest work makes its Nintendo Switch™ debut!

Play with friends, family, people from all over the world, or kick back and golf on your own! Earn new characters, costumes, and courses as you play rounds in the main mode, Tour Mode. Track your growth by improving your Best Score on each course!

Hop online and participate in a World Tournament or Online Match. World Tournaments with set rules are hosted weekly, and players worldwide pull out all the stops to see who has the top score! Play rounds with players from all over the world, hassle-free, in Online Match. If private affairs are more up your alley, create password-protected rooms to hit the course with friends!

Easy Come Easy Golf

This title supports up to four players locally and wirelessly and will take up about 3.4 GB of space on your system. Would you be interested in playing this one on your Switch? Tell us below.