Sonic Frontiers Promo Trailer
Image: Sega

Sonic's foray into the "open-zone", Sonic Frontiers, is due out at the end of this year, and while many of us wait for a concrete release, others are eagerly seeking out info about the upcoming 3D Sonic game, which initially had a bit of a mixed reaction from fans.

On the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, user FahdaadTD has shared a listing for the game on a Taiwan Kuji shop (thanks VGC!). Shopee's listing shows what looks to be promotional material for the game, which lists a potential release date of 15th November — a different date to what was found on Steam last month — along with what may well be DLC.

The promotional material also shows off some cute little creatures that we'll likely be meeting in-game, as well as a few familiar faces, but there are no details about what the DLC might be bringing.

Along with some returning friends, it looks like there's a new face hiding in the background of some of the game's promotional art, too. Sega hasn't corroborated anything in the image, however, so we'll have to wait and see if this is all official.

Sonic Frontiers DLC Potentially Leaked Along With Characters
Image: Shopee

We might not have to wait that long for Sonic Frontiers news. The game will be making an appearance during Opening Night Live at Gamescom next week. The show starts at 7:00 pm BST on 23rd August, so be sure to tune in if you want to see more Sonic Frontiers.

Will you be grabbing the DLC if it's official? Are you excited about Sonic Frontiers? Let us know in the comments!