Sega has announced that it's bringing the Genesis Mini 2 mini console to North America on 27th October.

The mini console — which follows the original Mega Drive Mini and includes more Genesis titles and SEGA CD games to boot — was previously confirmed only for Japan, but we'll be enjoying the 50+ games it includes in the West, too.

The console will come with the coveted 6-button pad — the only way to play Street Fighter II on Sega's 16-bit behemoth, as we're sure you're aware — which is compatible with the original Genesis Mini.

The official website lists the following games for the North American version, compared to the Japanese version, and the lineup looks pleasingly similar so far:

Sega Genesis Mini 2 games
Image: SEGA

So, for the NA Sega Genesis Mini 2, here's the confirmed list of games so far:

According to the website, this particular mini console will be an Amazon exclusive — it's currently available for pre-order for the slightly unconventional price of $103.80 + shipping (we'll update this article if that's a glitch).

No word on a European 'Mega Drive' version just yet, although an announcement surely can't be too far off.

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