Cyber Stick After Burner Edit
Image: via Famitsu / Sega

Earlier today, Sega announced the next 11 games coming to the company's next mini console, the Mega Drive Mini 2. But that's not the only thing it revealed during the latest livestream.

In a bit of a surprise announcement, Sega unveiled a new USB controller — based on the classic SHARP Cyber Stick — that will be compatible with the tiny console. The controller was known for having both digital and analogue joystick modules, and it was compatible with multiple systems including the X68000, the PC98 series, and the PC Engine (if you had the Micomsoft XHE-3 adaptor).

GaemsSX has some details and photos on the original console, along with a fully-scanned manual (but you'll need to brush up on your Japanese language skills in order to read it). You can check the photos out right here.

The USB controller will launch the same day as the Mega Drive Mini 2 on 27th October. The console and the controller haven't been confirmed for a Western release as of yet, but we'll let you know if they are. And there's no guarantee we'll be getting the Cyber Stick either!

For a list of all the games coming to the Mega Drive Mini 2, check out our original post on the announcement, which we're updating with the new announcements as they come:

Did you get your hands on a Cyber Stick back in the day? Do you want to see this and the Mega Drive Mini 2 make their way over to the West? Let us know!