Last year, publisher announced that Raji: An Ancient Epic would be getting a free update which upgrades the full game to the 'Enhanced Edition'. Now we know exactly when to expect these changes in the ancient India-set adventure game — 28th July!

Nintendo Everything shared the news from the publisher, confirming that this update will bring more than just animation fixes, balance changes, and general tweaks to the game. New game modes, more enemy variations, new music, and Hindi voiceovers are also being included. The patch was originally meant to drop last year, but fans will now be rewarded for their patience.

In our original review of the game back in 2020, we praised Raji as being 'refreshing', highlighting the Hindu mythology and representation, but we wanted more. And it looks like our prayers are being answered.

For the lowdown on everything coming to Raji: An Ancient Epic on 28th July, here are the patch notes in full from Steam and Nintendo Everything:

Enhanced Edition update, 28th July

- Improved the health gained and lost feedback for Raji and enemies
- Improved enemies executions (animations) and health orb spawning
- Improved hit impact effects
- Improvements to combat VFX
- Tightened up many animations for Raji and enemies
- Removed dodge animations from heavy attack combos to make them more responsive
- Improved combat pacing
- Added variations for all enemy types, with fresh new visuals, attacks and abilities
- Behavior overhaul and new abilities added for the Chieftain and Mahabalasura bosses
- Behavior overhaul and new attacks added for the Mahabalasura boss
- Added a camera zoom feature using mouse wheel or Gamepad right analog stick
- Added a comprehensive main menu
- Added ability to disable tutorials
- Added new game modes — Campaign, Story, One Shot One Kill
- Added the option of revisiting locations from previously cleared levels
- Complete SFX overhaul
- New background music added to the Fort and Desert level
- Hindi voiceovers added
- Many bugs fixed

That's nothing to sneeze at! The trailer above should give you a good idea of just what this update will be bringing to the gorgeous game, and we can't wait to dive back in and see just how far it's come in two years.

The Enhanced Edition update is out on Switch next week on 28th July. If you own the game on Steam, you'll have already had the chance to tinker with the new systems since May, and the update is coming to PlayStation and Xbox tomorrow, 20th July. So no one misses out!

Will you be returning to Raji: An Ancient Epic next week? Let us know in the comments!