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Nintendo's official magazine is once again gracing our screens, this time with the Summer 2022 edition. And, for the first time since the publication started in 2020, you can read the magazine in English as excerpts have been translated and shared online!

This summer's issue sees Kirby take pride of place on the front cover, with a multi-page spread celebrating the pink puffball's 30th anniversary. There are also spreads on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nintendo Switch Sports and many more games that will be keeping us entertained over the summer.

Ever wondered which Mario Strikers: Battle League character you are the most similar to? Well, the Summer 2022 edition can tell you that! The fact that we now have an English translation means we can unpack all of this glorious information ourselves, be that by the poolside or sheltering from the rain.

The magazine is available to read right now and it's completely — just follow the link right here to get started.

If you speed through the most recent issue, then why not check out our summaries of the past editions? Or you have a go and read them in Japanese, which are still beautiful to look at even if you can understand can are only available in Japanese, but they still look pretty nice visually!

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