LEGO Bowser
Image: LEGO

Nintendo gave us a bit of a tease a few days ago revealing that a LEGO Super Mario creation that will stand at over 14 feet tall will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con. Now, we’ve been given a closer look at King Koopa’s monstrous, bricky final form. And no, you can’t buy this one sadly.

Nintendo of America shared a short clip of this behemoth on Twitter, which is based on ‘The Mighty Bowser’. That already pretty big LEGO Bowser already has over 2800 pieces, but this jumbo-sized display model makes that look pitiful. Built with 663,900 bricks (!!!), it’s sure to tower over attendees who are attending the annual convention in San Diego this weekend.

King-Sized… might be an understatement here, Nintendo. But, more importantly, we’re loving those moving eyebrows. We wish we could buy this, honestly. Not that any of us have the space or budget for a 14-feet tall Bowser model, but we can try!

LEGO Bowser will be at San Diego Comic-Con all weekend. The convention kicks off this Thursday, 21st July, and runs until Sunday 24th July. He shouldn’t be too hard to spot!

Are you attending Comic-Con? Will you be checking out this monolithic Bowser model? Tell us in the comments!