The Australian developer Studio Drydock has confirmed that Wylde Flowers, an award-winning, fully-voice-acted life and farming sim with witchy elements, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Wylde Flowers is a game that prides itself on the diversity of its cast of characters, and won an Apple Design Award for its inclusivity in the character designs and plot. With 29 voice actors — including Firewatch's Cissy Jones and What Remains of Edith Finch's Valerie Rose Lohman — there are over 20 hours of voiced dialogue, and plenty of people in your home town of Fairhaven to interact with... and potentially even romance.

In celebration of the announcement of the release date, Wylde Flowers has a demo available on Steam right now, so you can check out the game ahead of launch.

Wylde Flowers will be available on the Switch eShop and Steam on September 20th, 2022.