Yuzuhira Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Image: Nintendo / Monolith Soft

Update [Fri 17th Jun, 2022 09:10 BST] Nintendo of America has also shared details of this brand new character from Xenoblade Chronicles 3, along with a brand new name — Juniper.

The tweet confirms that Juniper (called Yuzuriha in Japan) is from Agnus and that she'll be helping the team, perhaps as one of the additional seventh party members you'll be using alongside the main six.

You can find out more details about the character in the story below.

(Thanks AlternateRT for pointing out the name change!)

Original article [Wed 15th Jun, 2022 14:45 BST] Nintendo and Monolith Soft have shared another supporting character for their upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Today it's the turn of Yuzuriha, an archer who lives in the forest.

In a video shared by @XenobladeJP on Twitter, Yuzuriha gets to show off her agility and her archery prowess by grinding and leaping off of a rail, firing arrows at Mio and Eunie that then explode. She's a Phantom Archer, an Attacker class, so will likely be teaming up with your party at some point.

In a previous tweet, the official Xenoblade Twitter states (translations provided by @AegisFloral for @XenobladeEN) that Yuzuriha "can deliver powerful blows to the enemy's blindspots using her bow. She hunts down her foes by concealing all signs of her presence. Yuzuriha is aligned with Agnus, but chooses to live peacefully in the woods. She is well-trusted by the members of the colony." (Thanks to XenobladeEN for sharing this translation!)

The cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is beginning to fill out even more, and we're sure we'll be meeting even more faces in the coming weeks. Just in the last month, we've been introduced to Zeon, Valdi, and two Nopon allies.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released on 29th July. We've got a list of places where you can pre-order the game below. And for US readers, you can grab a $50 eShop card for 10% less from our store using the code NLIFE10:

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