Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Zeon
Image: Nintendo

MonolithSoft, developer behind Nintendo's upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3, has revealed another playable hero character in the upcoming action-RPG via Twitter.

"Zeon" is from the Guardian Defender class (according to Google Translate, so bear in mind there's a significant margin for error with the exact names here) who fights with a sword and shield and has a long history with the other team members.

Check out this new character in the reveal video below:

One of the heroes, "Zeon" (CV: Ryota Osaka). The class is "Guardian Commander (Defender)", and he has a sword and a shield and fights while protecting his allies. He belongs to Keves and seems to have known Noah and others for a long time. It's a reliable companion who can stand up to strong enemies because his ability increases in adversity!

Can't beat a big blue sword, can you? Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is out on 29th July — check out below if you're looking for pre-order options.

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