Return to Monkey Island, the eagerly awaited sequel from creator Ron Gilbert, has been confirmed for launch on Nintendo Switch. Better yet, the Switch version will be the first console to see its release alongside the PC.

The game sees the return of protagonist Guybrush Threepwood in a game showcasing some radically different art style. No firm release date has been set, but we'll be diving back into the world of Monkey Island later this year.

Here's some extra info from publisher Devolver Digital:

Return to Point & Click Swashbuckling: Bringing classic point and click gameplay to the modern-day, intrepid pirates will solve puzzles and explore the islands with a clever evolution of classic adventure game controls. Context-sensitive interactions, reactive dialog trees, and an easy-to-use inventory system make pirating a breeze.

Embark on Archipelago Adventures: Navigate the sometimes-friendly confines of Melee Island, a familiar place that finds itself under new management by leaders who have put the squeeze on old friends and new faces. Venture out into uncharted lands like the aptly named Terror Island and the chilling outposts of Brrrmuda to make allies and enemies alike.

Hopefully, the first two games will launch beforehand so we can all catch up with the story!

Will you be grabbing Return to Monkey Island when it launches later this year? Let us know!