We've seen our fair share of custom designs for retro consoles over the years, but we reckon this one takes the cake. Swedish audio-visual artist Love Hultén has created all-in-one devices for the Famicom system and the SNES, combining the genuine consoles with a 9" Sony Trinitron PVM-9042QM display monitor.

The result is not only one of the most stunning pieces of artwork we've ever seen, but actually functions exactly as you'd want it to. Each creation contains a cartridge slot just in the front of the monitor itself, with more slots in the top of the devices to store your wireless controllers and any additional cartridges.

Naturally - and it pains us to say this - it's unlikely we'll ever get our hands on such beautiful consoles; the artist does take commissions via his website, but we imagine unique creations such as these would likely cost a pretty penny. Still, we can always dream!

Be sure to check out Love Hultén's official portfolio for a glimpse at some other work, including the stunning Pixel Vision handheld console and the SNES Synth!

What do you make of these custom creations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[source lovehulten.com, via ausretrogamer.com]