Portal 2
Image: Valve Corporation

Portal: Companion Collection has only just come out, but it seems a lot of interesting discoveries are already being made. Just earlier today, we reported on the existence of Half-Life 2 data within the game that's actually allowed some users to run the Valve classic on Switch hardware.

Now, it looks like never-before-seen Portal 2 beta content has been discovered for the first time within the Companion Collection's data. As reported by GamesRadar, YouTube user Ossy Flawol has uncovered a lot of interesting data, including cut levels, dev tools, and even an early version of the game's ending. A huge co-op level has also been discovered that features puzzles and mechanics that would eventually make their way into Portal 2's multiplayer component.

It's a fascinating look into some of the cut content from the game, and Ossy Flawol concludes that there is still a lot more left to discover. Check out the video below for a full look at what's been found.

Are you playing Portal: Companion Collection now that it's out on Switch? What do you make of the datamine discoveries? Let us know!

[source youtube.com, via gamesradar.com]