HL 2
Image: Valve Corporation

During the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Valve announced that Portal: Companion Collection would release the very same day, giving Switch owners access to both Portal and Portal 2. Not even a full 24 hours after its release, however, it seems modders have discovered significant date related to Half-Life 2 within the game and have now managed to get it running on the Switch... To a certain extent.

As reported by VGC, Twitter user @OatmealDome has posted a video of Half-Life 2 running on Switch hardware. While it's stated that the game currently crashes along with multiple other reported errors, we have to say that the footage itself looks exceptionally clean.

It gives us hope that perhaps Valve may see fit to bring Half-Life 2 to the Switch officially one day. Originally released back in 2004, the FPS still stands as one of the most influential games of all time; so much so that fans have been begging for a sequel to the point where it's almost become a meme.

You can now grab Portal: Companion Collection on the Switch eShop for $19.99 / £13.49.

Have you played Portal on the Switch yet? Are you attempting to get Half-Life 2 running? Let us know with a comment!

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