Lunagaron Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Image: Capcom

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account has shared some brand new footage of the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter Rise. With Sunbreak launching on 30th June, you'll be going up against some brand new (and returning) ferocious monsters.

In the below clip, Capcom's RnD team are taking on one of the newbies — Lunagaron, the Ice Wolf Wyvern. Lunagaron is one of the Three Lords of Elgado, along with Garangolm and Malzeno, and can be found in the icy caverns of the Citadel.

The clip shows off both the Charge Blade and the Heavy Bowgun. Along with some devastating strikes and a variety of tactics, Lunagaron looks to be a fast and formidable opponent.

@monsterhunter confirmed it would be sharing more clips and tips for the upcoming expansion, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Seregios returning to become the next target.

Don't forget, Capcom will be holding a Digital Showcase on 13th June, so we might be getting more Sunbreak news before its release at the end of the month. Are you excited to see more of Sunbreak? Let us know in the comments!

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