Sunbreak, the 'massive expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, is so close that we can almost smell the Dung Bombs. Our very own Alex Olney has even gone hands on and made a lovely preview, which you can watch above or read (in summarised form) over on this page.

Regular readers will also know that this scribe has had a phase of sharing weapon showcase videos from Capcom (check them out on the game's news feed), with an almost irritating frequency. Well, there's been a little gap, so here's a wrap-up of four videos that we haven't yet covered on these pages.

Once again they all showcase new Switch Skills and also introduce Switch Skill Swap, a handy new mechanic coming to the DLC.

Dual Blades


Light Bowgun

Long Sword

The reaction to the weapon showcases has been generally positive online, though there have also been debates around some weapons looking over-buffed as others are nerfed. Whatever, just use the Insect Glaive and everything will be fine.

Are you looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak? Let us know, as always, in the comments.