AAAAND we're back. Here are some more games coming to Switch...

Critter Crops

Sylvie is a young witch, banished from home for her magic. A mysterious letter brings her to Mur Mur Town, an abandoned, spooky place where a bountiful life awaits her! Grow magical crops, unlock the mysteries of Mutter Island, and build a new home for an aspiring witch and her friends!

Release Date: TBA

PuffPals: Island Skies

From living off the land to building an agricultural powerhouse, grow however you want in PuffPals Island Skies! Discover new places and collect everything you find along the way! Whether it's mushrooms, flowers, insects, or lore, the world of the PuffPals is ripe for exploration!

Release Date: 2025

Bubblegum Galaxy

Bubblegum Galaxy is a cute building strategy game about rebuilding the galaxy tile by tile. Discover and design new planets, complete missions, explore your office and befriend your co-workers... all while trying to find out who deleted the galaxy

Release Date: 2023

Little Bear Chef

A game where you play as a tiny bear chef in a regular sized kitchen.

Release Date: TBA

30 Birds

Help Zig to find the thirty birds in a fantastic hand-painted city mixing 2D with 3D in an amazing way. You'll have to explore, talk, outwit and play music with all kinds of bizarre characters to save Simurgh, the giant bird goddess.

Release Date: TBA

Tiny Witch

Tiny Witch, is a little game about managing a minion store, where you must mix the right resources to build the minions needed by the dungeon masters.

Release Date: 2022


Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams and reality merging together. It uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat without any intimidating overlays or interfaces. Harmonize through a variety of dreamy levels containing surprising challenges, hand-drawn art, and vibrant music.

Release Date: September 2022


An Action-RPG that's (not-so) secretly a Personality Test. Use Physics-based telekinesis to make your mark on a strange world of Spirits. You will not be told when you are making decisions. You will never be judged in terms of Good or Evil. You will simply face the consequences of your actions.

Release Date: TBA


Soulitaire is a relaxed storygame in which you can catch a glimpse of the future of your interlocutors via solitaire. However, you might have to interpret what the cards mean and which future they foretell. Decide what your customers should do to face their problems, and become a part of their life!

Release Date: TBA

Calico (new update)

Paper Animal RPG

Release Date: TBA

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