Good news, everybear! The wholesome, charming, very fluffy Bear and Breakfast has locked down a Nintendo Switch release date as part of yesterday's Day of the Devs showcase.

The trailer above is new, as are the screenshots below, and here's a description of the game from the developers, Gummy Cat:

In Bear & Breakfast players will help Hank and his friends remodel an abandoned shack in the woods and open it up to clueless tourists using the unstoppable power of teenage entrepreneurship! Players will remodel the cabin, customize rooms, and keep paying customers happy! But just behind the treeline, mysterious plots are afoot, and Hank and his friends might just discover secrets as old as the forest itself!

The release date for Bear and Breakfast is July 28th for both Switch and Steam, and it will cost $19.99 on the eShop.

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