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According to a report from Imran Khan of Fanbyte, Nintendo inside sources have confirmed that a sequel to the Switch launch mini-game pack, 1-2-Switch, is in the works — and that the internal feedback has been "brutal", calling the game "boring".

The game is tentatively titled Everybody's 1-2-Switch, and reportedly takes the multiplayer aspect of the first game, and turns it from a local party game into an online game with up to 100 players, inspired by the Jackbox Games approach.

"When playtesting groups received the game, the feedback to the development team was brutal. The target audiences Nintendo was hoping to hit — families with children — found the games boring; many didn’t even want to play through entire rounds. In the Bingo example, one player would use the joycon to mime digging out a number before reading it off the TV screen — a process that playtesters reported as tedious."
- from Fanbyte's report

Khan states that "no one expected Everybody’s 1-2-Switch to test quite as badly as it did," and that it scuppered Nintendo's plans to release. Khan also suggests that there are a "large number of empty boxes for the title just sitting and waiting," with no clear plans if the game will be released soon, or ever.

Now, according to Khan, the plan could be to release it as an add-on to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack — "the quality might matter less, sources argue, if no one is actually paying anything (extra) for it," he says. There's always the possibility that it might be shelved, too, but Khan's sources "do not believe that will happen."

There's still optimism about the game, Khan says — "the team is doing their best to respond to feedback."

We could still see Everybody's 1-2-Switch some day... but let's hope it's in a better state.

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