Breath Of The Wild Link Fight Lynel
Image: Nintendo

Wrestling and video games go together pretty perfectly, so it perhaps shouldn't be a surprise when some of the world's most famous wrestling superstars have some strong opinions. However, if there's one wrestler that fans might be surprised to hear talk about video games, it's the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Hall of Fame member is now known for hosting the WWE podcast Broken Skull Sessions where he chats with a different guest every week about the wrestling industry. Due to air on 6th May, the next episode features the two-time Intercontinental Championships winner and six-time Tag Team Championships winner Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes is a known video game fan, The Legend of Zelda series, in particular, being one of his favourites. His pro-wrestling boots had the Triforce symbol on them, and he once went on record saying that A Link to the Past was his favourite Zelda game. But in an "extra" clip for Steve Austin's podcast, which dropped yesterday, Rhodes was asked by Austin what his favourite Zelda game was, and he gave a different response.

"Ocarina of Time, hands down." Shocking, defying all expectations. Perhaps Rhodes has had a change of heart in the 13 years since his interview with ESP. But what's more surprising is Steve Austin's response. The legend shakes his head, looks at him, and says, "No, dude, Breath of the Wild."

Hold on; we need a second — Steve Austin enjoys Breath of the Wild? That's a bit of a shock, but it's better than being taken out by one of his Stun Guns. Not that we disagree, of course. Both Rhodes and Austin have picked excellent games, but it's news to us that one of the most influential wrestlers of all time enjoys a bit of apocalyptic scenery and survival with Link. Perhaps he's snuck a few sessions of Zelda in with his kids?

You can watch the full "30-Second Shot Clock" game below, where Rhodes is quizzed on his favourite theme parks, burgers, and his favourite wrestling arena.

Do you agree with Stone Cold Steve Austin? Are you even brave enough to disagree? Share your thoughts with us.

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