WarioWare D.I.Y
Image: Nintendo

If you cast your minds back to the mid 2000s, you'll remember that the WarioWare series was just starting to take off, with the launch of WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$! in 2003 making a big splash on GBA. The earlier titles in the series didn't feature much voice acting, and it wasn't until the 3DS entry WarioWare Gold in 2018 that we started properly hearing the dulcet tones of Wario himself.

Well, it turns out that nearly a decade prior, Charles Marinet himself completed a fairly substantial advertisement gig for WarioWare D.I.Y on the Nintendo DS in 2009. You may remember the advertisement itself if you're based in the UK, but it essentially featured Wario's voice describing the game itself, before prompting customers to head to TESCO, a very specific British supermarket chain. You can check out the footage and accompanying voiceover work in the video below.

This information was verified by YouTuber Squishy Pixelz and shared with Gaming Reinvented. Squishy reached out to Mr. Martinet himself via email and the famed voice actor confirmed that, yes, it was really him who provided the voice for the TESCO advertisement.

It seems odd for a major Nintendo character to promote a third-party company, right? It's unlikely to ever occur again with Nintendo pushing their own web stores, but this is nevertheless a cool little throwback to simpler times!

Let us know if you remember this particular advertisement. If you're outside of the UK and this is the first time seeing it, share your thoughts!

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