Oooooh, I've always wanted to say this: Nintendo, hire this man!

Jordan LeBlanc (AKA Hxx) is an animation student in his sophomore year (which, for non-Americans, is the second year of university), and made this Breath of the Wild-themed short as part of a project to create a film over the course of one semester. The film shows a Link-like character and a Zelda-like character fighting over weapons in a library, which is extremely dangerous — you'll hurt the books!

The animation was created in Maya, according to Hxx's comments on YouTube and Twitter, with music by Jeff Brice and character rigs by Christoph Schoch. And, of course, Hxx got an A for his work:

Hopefully the outcome of this amazing short film is a high-profile job at a cool games studio, and not a cease and desist from Nintendo!

You can also check out Hxx's YouTube channel, which hosts a number of game-related animations throughout the years, to see how much his work has improved — including this viral Apex Legends fan short from two years ago:

Congrats to Hxx on the well-deserved A, and we'll be watching your career with interest from now on.