Lugia Pokemon Anime
Image: The Pokémon Company

What is the ultimate piece of merch? A limited-edition game console? A rare print of a game? A giant plush? Well, Tiktok user Mewisme700 might just have the answer to this burning question that not even a burn heal will cure.

This Pokémon Fan and merchandise collector has shared a video on her Tiktok showing off her latest purchase. It's not something she can fit into her already-stuffed merchandise room, nor is it a ridiculously rare and absurdly expensive Pokémon card. Instead, it's something much cooler than that.

If you cast your mind back to the late '90s (and try not to feel too old), you might remember that Nintendo created the Pikabug, a Volkswagen Beetle that was used to promote the franchise. There are only ten of these in the world, and Mewisme is the proud owner of the seventh one, Pika7. Mewisme confirmed on Reddit back in 2019 that she paid around $8000 for the vehicle, but it needed a lot of restoration, which she has since worked hard on.

Now she has a friend to accompany the yellow mouse car, one that Nintendo drafted to help promote the second generation of games, Pokémon Gold and Silver — a Lugia Chrysler PT Cruiser.

In the video, Mewisme says she paid $900 just to get the thing shipped, but it looks like it's in pretty good condition! All of Lugia's trademark black spikes and its big, long tail adorn the vehicle — though it's a little busted, according to Mewisme. The wings are part of the decal, though, which is probably for the best. Nintendo only had five of these cars made, which means they're even rarer than the Pikachu ones!

The car drove around the US between 1st September and 6th October 2000, and came fitted with a TV and a Nintendo 64 to allow fans to play games inside the car. How amazing is that!? Bulbapedia has tracked the entire tour route these cruisers took, which you can check out on its page for the promotional tour.

We found a listing for the car, which Mewisme shared on Reddit back in 2020, which contains a slew of up-close photos of the vehicle's interior and exterior. This is probably the closest look we'll ever get of it, so soak them in over on the listing.

As the proud owner of both a Pikachu and a Lugia car, the eager fan was excited to share a photo of both of them side by side. How majestic!

Well, we're incredibly jealous but even more happy that someone who loves Pokémon so much has managed to get hold of the car. Pikachu and Lugia make for a rather lovely pair.

If anyone has any memories of the Pokémon cars back in the day, or if you just want to gush over these vehicles, drop us a comment!