Celebrities! They're just like us! In this case, it's Klay Thompson — one of the NBA's superstars, who plays as a shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors.

When asked what his pre-game day looks like, he demurred: "I don't wanna give away all my secrets," Thompson told the press, before stating that his ritual is mostly avoiding basketball. Don't worry, Klay — we've been doing that for most of our lives, and we've never even been approached by the NBA.

"Before I even start my day, I just go jump in my 65 degree pool to wake myself up, and I’m so lucky to even have a pool. And then I just play with Rocco [his dog], I play maybe some Nintendo and I just try to not watch basketball or basketball media, because that’s how I clear my mind, just doing other things that occupy my time that are fun, and I have to keep this routine going for the next series.”

Apparently, when pressed on which "Nintendo" he's been playing, he told the audience that he's got both ends of the spectrum covered:

...Still not really sure what game that is, but we're just glad he's having fun.

We might not be able to take you in the courts, Klay, but hit us up if you ever want to visit our Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.