Six years after the game was first released and four years after it launched on Switch, The Game Bakers' Furi is getting some brand new content later this month.

Available on 17th May, the 'Onnamusha' DLC will cost $6.99 and lets you play as a new fighter — the Onnamusha Rider — who comes equipped with some flashy new skills and is prepared to take on some new challenges.

You'll also be able to download a free update on the same day, which gives you the previous DLC — One More Fight — for free if you haven't already bought it. All of The Game Bakers' performance and accessibility updates made to the game since its launch will also be available on all platforms with this update, such as Invincible, Speedrun, and Practice mode.

That's not a small update at all! We were already fans of this "deceptively clever" action game when it first launched, awarding it a 7/10 in our review.

Will you be picking up the Onnamusha DLC? And are you still playing Furi? Let us know in the comments.