Gameloft has given us a sneak peek at its latest track for the upcoming free-to-play racer, Disney Speedstorm. In a teaser video shared on Twitter and YouTube, it looks like we're going to Beast's Castle, as the racers swerve past the Enchanted Rose and between teacups in this Beauty and the Beast-inspired course.

The track looks like it's set partially on a grand dinner table, adorned with treats, plates, cutlery, glasses, and more. Then, later on, there are library walls full of books, and ticking clock pendulums that get in your way. Sounds like Beast took some inspiration from Mario Kart DS' Tick Tock Clock, there! These little references to Chip and Cogsworth from the 1991 film are charming, and we hope Lumière, Mrs. Potts, Wardrobe, and others, will get their own highlights.

Both Belle and Beast will be playable in the racer, too, but why the iconic 'Be Our Guest' hasn't been remixed here is beyond us! Still, it looks like this course will be the belle of the ball when Disney Speedstorm launches later this summer.

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