While we need to wait a little bit longer to enroll in Two Point Campus following its delay from May to August, Two Point Studio is ensuring that we're champing at the bit to get classes in session.

Today, the studio has revealed a brand new class that you can get students signing up for and starting from day one, and it's something we absolutely wish we could study at school — Wizardry!

This new course will allow students to brew potions, learn how to read the future with crystal balls, or just play silly magical pranks on each other. But the real draw — and we think we'd be good at this too, if magic was a thing — is the ability to make classmates face off against each other in magical duels. This helps them to strengthen their magic skills which in turn will help them dispel any curses their friends might get, or stop the odd goblin or spectre sneaking into the university!

You can get a look at the new Spiffinmore campus, as well as those very safe and very legal magic duels, below:

The Wizardry course will be available from day one in Two Point Campus, which opens its doors on 9th August. You can pre-order the game below.

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Will you be enrolling in some witching and wizardry when Two Point Campus launches? Let us know.