StarTrek METERS MissionChicago 1200x675 Janeway (1)
Image: Outright Games

This weekend is the Star Trek: Mission Chicago event, welcoming Trekkies of all ages for the usual fan expo experience. It's brought a nice game announcement, too, with Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova announced for Switch along with PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

It's the first game based on the recent Star Trek: Prodigy series, which is an animated show targeting younger fans; Outright Games is publisher and has a track record of converting family shows and films into games. The TV show is part of the 'extended' Star Trek universe, canonically taking place after Star Trek: Voyager with young aliens finding a ship and being guided by a hologram of Voyager's Kathryn Janeway.

Not much has been revealed about the game, just the artwork above and a PR description:

At Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022, taking place this weekend, Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova was revealed as the first ever video game based on the recent hit animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, which follows the intergalactic adventure of six alien teenagers aboard an abandoned Federation starship. This game also marks the first ever Star Trek video game aimed at younger players, bringing gaming to a new generation of Trekkies.

We'll no doubt see a lot more details for this in the coming weeks.