Furbies. AOL. Wearing caps backwards. VHS tapes. Cups with those teal and pink squiggles on them. These are the '90s staples upon which The Big Con is based, as a loving parody of the decade that introduced us to questionable fashion decisions and incredible music.

You play as Ali, a high schooler who decides to help out her family's ailing video rental store... by stealing. It's the '90s, man, things were different back then.


Swindling, pickpocketing, hustling, and just straight up conning people will help you earn the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to save the store, and since it's the '90s, all of your grifts will have to be old-school — you can't just pull the Nigerian Prince scam out of your pocket.

Developers Mighty Yell have just announced that The Big Con will be coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, alongside new "Grift of the Year" DLC for the game, which will be released free on PC, Xbox, and Switch.

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Will you be grabbing this '90s nostalgia-a-thon for the Switch this year? Let us know in the comments!