We've seen our fair share of poor recreations of Super Mario games over the years, but somehow one of the worst examples managed to make its way onto the Xbox Store - at least for a little while.

The brilliantly titled Supertan Marioner 3D Infinity World Adventures is sadly no longer available to play, but perhaps this might be for the best, as the game bins off the cleverly designed levels of legit Super Mario games in favour of a side-scrolling endless runner. Not exactly the sequel to Super Mario Run we were perhaps hoping for!

Here's a description of the game via the now-defunct Xbox Store page (thanks to our friends over at Pure Xbox):

"The adventures of Super marioner continue. This time with 3D design. Travel through the jungle with marioner. Jump between platforms. Try not to fall in this endless speeding adventure. You have 3 rights. Try to make the highest record."

"Jump between platforms". Well, it's an accurate description, at least, though it doesn't particularly fill us with much enthusiasm.

On a positive note, it's games like this that make us truly appreciate the craft that goes into making true Super Mario titles. Here's hoping Supertan Marioner 3D Infinity World Adventures doesn't reappear somewhere down the line; let's take a moment to think of the poor individuals who spent money on this game.

What do you think of this Super Mario clone? Have you seen other atrocities even worse? Let us know!

[source purexbox.com]