Min Min Super Smash Bros. UItimate amiibo (Nintendo)
Image: via NIntendo NYC on Twitter

As you've probably seen, the new Min Min Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo is now available in-store. If you are planning on adding this one to your collection, here's your PSA that this new amiibo based on the fighter from the ARMS series might not actually need to be unboxed to be used.

As highlighted by a user (with a North American Min Min model) on the amiibo subreddit, this new amiibo's packaging may not have an "NFC blocker tag", which prevents Nintendo fans from scanning the NFC figure while it's still inside the box.

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There are all sorts of theories floating about as to why this particular amiibo can be scanned, but it seems this change might have happened before Min Min - with the Twitter account 'Amiibo News' noting how this has supposedly been possible since the re-release of Kirby amiibo:

@AmiiboNews - "Fun fact: Starting with the re-release of the Kirby amiibo, Nintendo removed the foil that prevented you from scanning amiibo while in the box. In-box collectors rejoice!"

We tested out our own boxed Min Min amiibo here at Nintendo Life and were also able to successfully scan it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Have you had any luck yourself? Leave a comment down below.