Ninja Hideaway Mario Kart 8
Image: Nintendo

Some of us officially have a new favourite track in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Ever since the Booster Course Pass kicked off with Wave 1, one track in particular - Ninja Hideaway, the last course in the Lucky Cat cup - has captured many people's attention with its branching paths, verticality, and amazing music. And to think they were hiding this from us in Mario Kart Tour!

But it turns out, like a ninja hiding in the shadows, there's a nasty surprise awaiting drivers. YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented has discovered a softlock in the course - and no, it's not a disappearing technique.

About a third of the way into the track, there's a ramp that you can drive off, and facing that is a sign. If you land on top of this at the wrong angle or too far to the left, your character will be unable to move or turn. You can't get out of this, either, which means you'll just have to quit or wait for the race to be over if that happens!

This is pretty easy to do at high speeds, or in 200cc mode in particular, so - and this isn't something we say lightly or often regarding Mario Kart - drive safely!

We'll see if Nintendo patch this out at some point before Wave 2 hits, but for now, we'll just make sure we avoid landing on that sign.

Have you noticed any other softlocks or glitches since Wave 1 launched? Or have you encountered this issue? Let us know.