3DS Eggdog
Image: Zamsire

Do you know Eggdog? The weird meme stemmed from a video of a fluffy white dog being groomed, but taken at a specific angle, the dog looks like an egg with a face. And thus, Eggdog was born.

From out of the legend of Eggdog came a host of new memes, and one of the prime Eggdog memers is zamsire, who used a 3D render of the ovoid canine (credit: Derpy Hooves) to make this glorious piece of art:

Three years later, zamsire has expanded into Eggdog merch, including pins, plushes, mugs, and T-shirts, and most recently, has scored a custom, one-of-a-kind New Nintendo 3DS decorated in Eggdog regalia.

It's pretty tricky to get nice custom (or non-custom!) faceplates for the 3DS these days, which perhaps isn't surprising — the 3DS is quite old, after all — but zamsire went through Etsy to get these ones, specifically from a place called EpicPALdesigns.

"[EpicPALdesigns] was the only remaining service I could find for New 3DS faceplates anymore)," zamsire told us over Twitter DM. "I decided to do it after hearing that the eShop was closing down next year - so I wanted a really nice custom of one of my favorite handheld consoles!"

For the internal part — the Eggdog theme and the Eggdog game — here's how they did it:

The custom theme was done through 3DS homebrew. I used a 3DS app called Anemone Themes & the "eggdog game" it shows was done with a software called Ultimate GBA VC Injector which allowed me to import a custom icon & name for the "eggdog by zamsire" game on the screen (when you load it it'll just load up a black screen) but it looked cool for the pic.

Zamsire has similar feelings to us when it comes to how hard it is to customise your consoles, though: "I hope Nintendo brings back swappable faceplates and more customization for future consoles & that people can be inspired to customize whatever "older" tech they have!"

Thank you zamsire, and thank you Eggdog, for bringing this joy into our lives.

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