Psyduck Teapot
Image: The Pokémon Company / Ensky

Pokémon merchandise is some of the most adorable and eclectic video game-based swag you can buy, with Pikachu and the gang turning up in imaginative forms across a huge range of products. We might just have one of the very best examples, though: Ensky, known for selling lots of unique official Pokémon merchandise — such as these paper theatre displays or a Yamper wrist support — is releasing a Psyduck Teapot.

The teapot is based on the Sprayduck from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and is ideal for tea for two people. Poké_Times has a little demonstration of how not to use the teapot (No, seriously, we don't recommend watering your plants with tea. That's a waste of perfectly good tea).

This duck Pokémon teapot is 150 x 110 x 180 millimetres, and comes with a little strainer so you can put your loose leaf tea inside. It's the perfect addition to any Pokémon fan's cupboard, and we can't imagine serving tea any other way while you're sitting and playing Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, or Pokémon Legends: Arceus, or just sitting back and chilling with a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot.

It's not cheap, however, as the teapot will set you back just under $115, or around £87. And that's without shipping. That still hasn't stopped tea loving trainers everywhere, as it looks like reservations are no longer being accepted. Still, we can marvel in the glory of it from a distance, right?

We hope demand will be high enough for a second run, or even an international release. Or perhaps we could have an entire line of Pokémon teapots! How about Phanpy next, Pokémon Company?

Let us know what weird and wonderful Pokémon merchandise you want to see in the comments!

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