Bloodborne Kart
Image: Lilith

It's almost that time of year when every cool news story makes you flinch and check the date, but worry not, my April Fool's-fearing friends: This one is real, and also, it's the 25th March. You're safe. For another week, at least.

The makers of the popular Bloodborne PSX demake (which you can read about over on Push Square, naturally) have, in the past, goofed on the community in-joke of a playable Bloodborne-themed racing game called Bloodborne Kart, as you can see in this April 1st Twitter post:

But, well, once you've got all the assets in place, why not just... make the whole thing? And that's precisely what they've done. They made it real. And it's bloody brilliant.

In the two-minute trailer below, we see our Hunter in a nice yellow car, zipping around a Pthumerian Cup course: drifting through cathedrals, wrought iron fences, and long, foreboding tunnels, all presented in that gloriously crunchy low-poly PS1 style of the Bloodborne demake.

Unlike Mario Kart, there don't appear to be any pickups, but who cares? There's an Akira reference instead, and that's way better than whatever a Hunter might use instead of banana peels. Bloodstains, maybe?

Honestly, it's surprising how deep this game could potentially get. Lady Maria as a Penelope Pitstop-like racer; Gehrman in a rocket-powered wheelchair; The Doll as the Lakitu-equivalent race starter; Rom The Vacuous Driver... Can you imagine? So cool.

The Bloodborne PS1 demake is available to download for free on, so here's hoping that Bloodborne Kart will get the same treatment (although you should definitely consider chucking a few bloodbucks in the developers' direction as a token of appreciation and support).

Anyway, I'll be playing as Ludwig, who will definitely have a Double Dash-style ability to switch between Horse Form and Holy Blade Form. I look forward to seeing you on the tracks, fair Hunter.

Who's your Bloodborne Kart main? What abilities do they have? Let us know in the comments.