Smash Bros.
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's stance on its involvement with events like EVO has been a source of much conversation over the past few months. Most recently, ex-Nintendo employees Kit and Krysta hypothesised about the potential reasons for the company pulling out of EVO 2022.

Now, Super Smash Bros. streamer Hungrybox has called the company out on its stance whilst delivering an acceptance speech on behalf of 'Best Smash Bros. Streamer' winner Mang0.

Hungrybox didn't hold back either, lamenting Nintendo's lack of activity within the eSports space, stating that Mang0 did a lot more for the property than Nintendo itself within the last year:

Similar to every other Smash event this year, Mang0 did not show up. But you know what Mang0 did do this year? He supported Smash Bros., which isn’t the flashiest game, it’s not the biggest game, we don’t have the most money by far, but he did much more than a certain company called Nintendo did.

He went on, however, to express optimism regarding Nintendo's own upcoming championship circuit:

I’m hoping this year with the circuit they’re doing they hopefully finally give us the chance we never had. Even though we’re not at Evo, and even though we’re not at a lot of events, Smash is a beautiful game, it deserves to shine, and Mang0 has shown us this game can be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in eSports.

The circuit in question is in relation to a new partnership between Nintendo and the eSports team 'Panda Global' for the first officially licensed championship circuit for Super Smash Bros.

You can check out the acceptance speech for yourself over on Twitch.

Needless to say it's not particularly good press for Nintendo, but hopefully its official foray into the eSports world will bring back some much needed goodwill in the community.