Today has brought the undoubtedly disappointing news that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will now come out in Spring 2023, pushed back from its target of this year. Of course delays to games in the series are quite common, but at least the announcement video has a new clip for us to dive into.

Most of the snippets in the video above were from the previous teaser trailer, but at the 53 second mark we get a new look at Link in the sky area. As you can see we get a look at his tattoos / markings on his right arm, his tattered yet Triforce-themed clothes, and the Master Sword in a gnarly / corrupted form.

BoTW2 New1.PNG
Image: Nintendo
BoTW2 Newlead2.PNG
Image: Nintendo

This will be a fun clip for lore fans to speculate over, as it gives us a close-up of Link's seemingly alternate form when he travels into the skies. As a reminder, the original gameplay reveal from last year is below.

It's a cool look, we reckon. Hit us with your wildest lore theories in the comments!