The DLC content is now live and available globally.

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As expected, especially in light of recent server maintenance, Nintendo has released the next big update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, taking it up to the giddy heights of Version 2.0.0. It's a meatier download and evidently installs the new tracks for the Booster Course Pass (Wave 1), with the previous 'pre-load' for the content being so small that it was clearly just an unlock key.

To spare your suspense, no, the download doesn't enable the new courses yet. It's officially due on 18th March, though we do know the release times for Europe and Australia; it points to the content potentially arriving a little earlier than expected in some territories. We'll find out soon enough.

While we can't play the content yet, if you go into the Course Select area of the game and press L or R you can look at the Cup select area for the new and upcoming waves of DLC, which will arrive up to the end of 2023. It doesn't reveal any additional tracks, but we do now have the official Cup names.

MK8 DLC Image
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo
  • Turnip Cup
  • Propeller Cup
  • Rock Cup
  • Moon Cup
  • Fruit Cup
  • Boomerang Cup
  • Feather Cup
  • Cherry Cup
  • Acorn Cup
  • Spiny Cup

And also, as extra confirmation, this is the screen you get when you try and select one of the Wave 1 Cups, whether you've pre-ordered or not - sad times.

MK8 DLC Image2
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Still, it's worth getting the update downloaded; you can trigger it manually by going to the game's window on the HOME page, press '+', scroll to 'Software Update' and then select 'Via the Internet'. That way you'll be all set when the content's unlocked.