Dragon Quest
Image: Square Enix

If you're familiar with Dragon Quest, one other name you've likely heard before is Yuji Horri - the creator of the famous and long-running Japanese RPG series that's been active for more than 35 years now.

He's reached a point in his career where he's now receiving lifetime awards for his contributions to the video game industry, and the latest one comes from the 22nd annual Game Developers Choice Awards. This lifetime achievement award recognises his career and achievements, and acknowledges how he's made an "indelible impact" on the craft of game development and the industry as a whole (GDC via Gematsu).

In his acceptance speech, Horri mentioned how the team is currently working on the latest mainline entry in the series and teased that there would be more announcements "soon". You can read the translation of his entire speech over on Gematsu:

“To me, Dragon Quest was like a manga, with the story unfolding through short conversations. It was like a manga that you could play on your computer. My team and I are currently working on the latest installment to the series, Dragon Quest XII, as well as a lot of other titles. I hope that everyone around the world enjoys them as much as you did Dragon Quest XI. We’ll have some more announcements for you soon!”

If you've not given the Dragon Quest series a go, there's plenty to choose from on the Nintendo Switch - including the most recent entry, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age. The new mainline entry was announced by Yuji Horii and his team last May.

Yuji Horii at Dragon Quest's 35th anniversary celebrations in 2021
Image: Square Enix

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