Chrono Trigger has just been updated for the first time in four years to add 21:9 support on PC, for that one person you know that has an ultra-widescreen monitor. We certainly aren't the kinds of people to wish that other people wouldn't be allowed to play games because we can't, but...

...How come Chrono Trigger just got an ultrawide update before a Switch release? Come on!

This latest Steam update also includes some UI improvements, improved controls, and bug fixes. Here's the full list:

Updated Features

・Full-screen now available:
Up to 21:9 ratio full-screen display.
Screen Mode added.

・Improved Controls
Improved directional pad controls.
Improved directional pad design to make it easier to see.
An exclamation point will now display for an interaction prompt such as Talk.
Changed the size of the target marking dungeon entrances, etc. to make them easier to see.
Improved the event areas to make it easier to clear when using touch controls.
Small additional control adjustments.

・Improved Battles
Battle Speed for Auto Battles increased by x1.5.
Automatically continue with Auto Battle selected for the next battle.
Battle Speed adjustment possible from MENU.

・Additional features:
Available save slots increased to 20 slots.

・Small bugs have been fixed.

Anyway, congratulations to people with ultrawide monitors. We're only a little bit salty.