Cobra Triangle
Image: Rare

Not so long ago, we reported on the news that former Rare staffers Kev Bayliss and David Wise had formed 'Salmandos', an "exciting new project" that celebrates their careers in the industry. As part of this, the pair have created DK Creations, a YouTube channel that sees them sharing their secrets and generally looking back on some of the amazing games they've worked on.

If you haven't checked out the channel already, you're in for a bit of a treat. Bayliss – who worked on titles such as Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong Country during his time at Rare and now plies his trade at Playtonic Games – has not only been sharing drawing tutorials but also videos where he plays (and chats about) classic titles he's worked on. He's done the NES games Cobra Triangle, Anticipation, Hollywood Squares and California Games so far.

Wise, on the other hand, is posting 'Sounds Wise' videos that dive into the methods he's used during his time as a composer, both at Rare and other companies (he's contributed to Yooka-Laylee titles, for example).

Needless to say, if you're a fan of the NES, Rare, or both, then you need to subscribe to this channel. It's fantastic listening to Bayliss talk about his time at the British developer as a young designer, and hearing Wise explain how he has crafted some of the most memorable video game music of all time is also a delight.