Image: via YouTube

Earlier this week, you might have seen a gorgeous 3-minute fan-made trailer showcasing Mother 3 as a 3D game. It was so beautiful, even our American-based video presenter Zion got a little emotional.

Curiomatic - the same YouTube channel behind the original video - has now released a side-by-side comparison clip to illustrate just how accurate the tribute version is. Keep in mind, the 'tribute' is just a video and does not represent an actual game.

While Mother 3 hasn't been made available in the west, the good news is Nintendo has now made EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound available on the Switch Online NES and SNES service. Last weekend we also heard how the Mother 3 producer would love to see the GBA entry eventually receive a worldwide release.

What do you think of this Mother 3 tribute alongside the original game? Leave a comment down below.