What, we have to write words here? Why? This 3-minute fan-made trailer for Mother 3 said all we need to say. It's flippin' gorgeous, done in a style that's somewhere between the recent Link's Awakening Switch remake and claymation, and it makes us want to throw a big pile of money at Grezzo to make it reality already.

The video comes to us from Curiomatic, a YouTube channel focused on deep-diving and recreating game graphics, from a 3D sculpt of CD-i Link to an imagined render of Rayman if he were allowed to join Smash Bros.

Their latest output is this gorgeous imagining of a remastered Mother 3, even using a font called "Motherish" that they designed themselves, based off the original pixel text.

Okay, that's enough words. Look at it now:

[source youtu.be]