Kirb Closeup
Image: Mirac

The February 2022 Nintendo Direct gave us our first glance of the best Kirby of all time: Mouthful Mode Kirby, who has eaten an entire car. Obviously, this spawned a lot of memes, mockups, and all sorts of Things That Kirby Ate, but we quite enjoy the simplicity of artist Mirac's 3D model of a Kirby Switch case:

It's not even a good case. Look at it! You can't access the screen. Does it flip open, like a laptop? Is there a hidden zip? Or is the entire Kirb made of silicone? We don't care. We want it. We want Kirby to eat everything we own.

Of course, it's not real. You probably got that from the title. If not, hello! You might be the first person who reads an article before the title. How did you do that?

A similar, even less useful case mockup was posted by Reddit user "willierthanyou", which features Kirby skin all over the controls and even some bumcheeks:

Now we just have to wonder if a Switch tastes as bad as a Switch cartridge.