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Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo revealed its Q3 financial results and conducted an earnings call Q&A this week. As is the norm for a quarterly update it didn't have any major reveals or announcements, but rather gave a state of play in terms of sales and business performance - particularly important in this case as it includes sales from the Holidays.

The overall picture was positive; Nintendo is on course for major profits this year, and increased its estimates on that score. It did reduce the anticipated Switch hardware sales by one million, but increased its software sales projection by 20 million units. Some of our coverage on the results is below.

Investors have now had a decent amount of trading time to respond the Nintendo's Q3 update, and the result is another positive for the company. In trading today Nintendo's share value finished on 58,180 Yen, up 3.62%. As you can see in the graphs below - via Bloomberg - this continues a solid trend; the share price is at its highest point in over six months, slowly recovering a decline that occurred following the reveal of the Switch OLED model (as opposed to a 'Pro') in July 2021.

Nintendo's share value over the past 6 months has shown a gradual recovery
Image: Bloomberg
The share value is yet to recover the losses that began in July 2021
Image: Bloomberg

We'll now wait for the year end financial results in a few months, which may also include further insight into Nintendo's plans for the rest of 2022.