Limited Run Games Store
Image: Josh Fairhurst / @LimitedRunJosh

Limited Run Games is a very familiar brand, one that has positioned itself at the top of the 'limited edition' market for physical games (including many for Switch). What started out as an online store focused on limited run editions of previously download-only games has grown and morphed into a far bigger business.

It's also a company happy to be subversive and surprising - as anyone who watched its E3 2021 show would conclude - and is now moving into opening an in-person store in North Carolina, US. More specifically it's putting together a store in the MacGregor Village shopping center in Cary, with a goal of opening in April. It'll have a retro theme and will apparently be 75% focused on LRG products, with 25% of space for third-party products. It'll also have a trading card area and a section for trading and buying second-hand games.

Polygon spoke to Limited Run CEO Josh Fairhurst about the project, and we've picked out a couple of quotes for you below:

We started Limited Run Games back in 2015 because physical media was dying, and it pained us as collectors to see that happening. Something else that has pained us just as long is the death of physical game stores. There [are] certainly stores left, but it’s nothing like the glory days of having a Babbage’s, Software Etc, FuncoLand, and Electronics Boutique in every town. It’s always been a dream to try our hand at a physical store.

...We hope to eventually have a presence on the West Coast, preferably in the Bay Area since there’s a surprisingly low number of game stores there — beyond that we really want to expand internationally and have some kind of physical retail presence in Europe and Japan.

It's an interesting move, and will no doubt attract interest when it opens, especially with the greatly reduced presence of game stores on the high street / in malls.

Let us know what you think; would you like a Limited Run Games store in your area?