Resident Evil Outbreak File 2
Image: Capcom

Capcom has just shared updated assets for three of its Resident Evil games online, triggering speculation that we may be getting some more remasters in the near future.

CODE: Veronica, Outbreak and Outbreak File 2 are the trio of titles in question. Capcom has updated the history section of its Resident Evil web portal with a bunch of assets, many of which appear to have been improved when compared to the models from the original games.

Resident Evil Outbreak was one of the titles mentioned in the massive Nvidia leak. Given that many of the games referred to in that leak have since been officially announced – such as a Chrono Cross remaster and Street Fighter 6 – it's fair to say that Outbreak will be getting a remaster soon, even if the other two titles don't.

Capcom recently got fans excited by teasing news related to the Resident Evil series, but it was merely an update to its Resident Evil portal. However, there's clearly a lot of focus being placed on classic entries in the series, so perhaps 2022 will see some interesting announcements for fans.

We might not have to wait long, as the Resident Evil portal will be getting an update on March 1st. Place your bets now...